David Mandel

Justice in Action:
For Peace, Human Rights, and a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Sacramento area deserves better representation, the American people can do better and the Earth desperately needs better.

Our government is wrong in supporting war, occupation and dictatorship around the world – and the environmental devastation they worsen. On Dec. 14, the incumbent voted for nearly $1 trillion for the military. I will stand with the 11 California Democrats and one Republican who voted no.

I cut my teeth opposing the illegal and immoral war on Vietnam. I joined thousands of Sacramentans protesting the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Since last October, I 've been organizing and joining protests against U.S. financial and diplomatic support for Israel’s massive assault on the people of Gaza. One war crime can never justify another – in this case, a much bigger – one. A large majority of Americans and almost the whole world demand a cease-fire. Ten CA representatives have called for one. But not the incumbent.

Unlike the incumbent, I don’t accept corporate dollars -- 98% of hers come from PACs and big donors, the largest sector being the health industry. So unlike her, I’ll support and lead the fight to expand and improve Medicare for all – to join the rest of the civilized world in making healthcare a human right.

Join us in doing much better for Sacramento and the planet.


909 12th St. #118, Sacramento CA 95814


(916) 235-3170