Justice in Action:
For Peace, Human Rights, and a Sustainable Tomorrow


Ceasefire Now! Freedom & Justicefor All Palestinians

Use U.S. leverage to enforce an immediate, permanent cease-fire in Gaza, enabling negotiations to free all Israeli hostages and all Palestinian political prisoners, many being held without charges or evidence. Rush massive humanitarian aid to Gaza, then employ multilateral diplomacy to rebuild it. Demand self-determination for Palestinians, full human rights under international law, and an end Israeli occupation and apartheid with military “aid” and diplomatic backing against the will of most of the world. Use diplomacy to insist on full equality for all and restorative justice to bring peace and safety to Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike.

Foreign Policy & International Justice:

Focus on promoting human rights, peace, diplomacy, international cooperation, and fostering equitable trade practices that will promote environmental sustainability. Assume a human-rights-based foreign policy that includes no U.S. weapons sales, militray aid, or political cover for any human rights-violating governments or entity. Pursue multilateral, diplomatic solutions, including through the United Nations, instead of unilateral or military intervention. Pursue international agreements for fair trade and their right to unionize. Advocate for equitable trade practices that respect human rights and the environment.

Environment & Climate

Commit to aggressive environmental protection and climate change initiatives, including transitioning to renewable energy, ending fracking, and advocating for sustainable, environmentally responsible trade policies. End our dependence on fossil fuels and break the influence of the energy lobby. Promote sustainable trade based on environmental responsibility. Address the environmental impact of militarism.

Social Justice & Equity:

Address comprehensive social justice issues, including immigration reform, disability rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, and racial justice, emphasizing inclusivity, equal rights, and comprehensive reforms. Implement comprehensive immigration and refugee support policies. Ensure disability rights and equal access. Overcome gender and sexual orientation discrimination.

Domestic Policy
& Human Rights:

Advocate for fundamental human rights in housing and education, along with police reform that the fosters true public safety, focusing on creating equitable and supportive domestic policies. Advocate for affordable housing and tenant rights. Increase investment in public education. Reform policing practices and enhance public safety measures.

Healthcare for
& All Public Health:

Recognize healthcare as a fundamental human right, pushing for universal, single-payer healthcare systems, and restructuring the healthcare sector to prioritize public health over profit. Bring down the cost medication and regulate the for-profit pharmaceutical industry. Restructure the healthcare sector to prioritize public health.

Fair Market Economy
& Labor Rights:

Promote economic justice and labor rights, focusing on fair wage policies, tax reforms, workers' rights to unionize, and support for small and cooperatively owned businesses, the development of economic models that serve the broader population. Overhaul tax laws for economic fairness. Strengthen labor rights and support unionization. Raise the minimum wage

& Democracy Reform:

Emphasize the importance of voting rights, election fairness, and democratic governance, including campaign finance reform, voting technology improvements, and the elimination of undemocratic practices like the Electoral College. Ensure easy and secure voting access. Reform campaign finance to reduce monetary influence. Promote electoral reforms that promote democracy.

Public Safety and Gun Control:

Address public safety through comprehensive gun control measures and police reform, aiming to reduce gun violence and ensure community-based approaches to public safety. Implement comprehensive gun control measures. Focus on community-based, including restorative justice approaches to public safety.


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